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#DMBGS BY ARMAND DUSHAE PRESENTS - Crooked Stitches 3 - The Duality Of The Broken Heart

#DMBGS BY ARMAND DUSHAE PRESENTS - Crooked Stitches 3 - The Duality Of The Broken Heart

music zoo. shot by stacey allen

I have not done any drugs … Okay I lied I have not done many drugs . Hit the kush a couple times just 2 keep me up . Cool off the purp for now cus I don’t like to sleep much … U kno them nightmares eat me up. Up against the ropes while my guilty conscience beat me up. Up all night, beat me up, beat me up . Having hot flashes cus her smile still heat me up.

I divorced you , how the hell u gon divorce me ? turned my co-pilots throne to an abort seat . Launched her out our plane then tried to help the poor thing …. She tryna float on a tweet , she can’t forgive me . Thought u could wait baby girl , I thought u had wings. Guess u gon hate me til u hit the ground, R-I-P

can’t be lovers . won’t be friends . i guess that makes us enemies then . but why u had to go and taste the enemies skin ? Now you’ll never get to taste my venom again .

Hustled up & She helped me count 30 racks
See I’m one-in-a-million baby #OnlyFacts

Temptation make a nigga dig his own grave. that heartbreak’ll have a skinny nigga losin weight . Those memories’ll have a man in Eden move away . Prolly kill myself if I don’t find something to do today

Same rhyme scheme baby girl nothings changed . We had a 4 leaf clover then it blew away . make me wish that life went from June to May, but I broke her heart and every rule in Deuteronomy

Lets get lost on the Medi-terrain . Will you lay here a-gain or do I labor in vain ? Tell me should I refrain & put razor to vein…. I’m too impatient fuck it, laser to brain

Boom… there goes the memories . Biggest alcoholic in a alcoholic family tree . Biggest asshole so don’t nobody feel sad 4 me. Never down 2 Earth , mind tangled in the canopy

These other niggas kinda cool girl, i’m The Cool . She like Hennessy I wish she’d try a wine cooler . she drink wit girls who lost they souls back in highschool . Now every time she hit the club I’m home eating ice cream …

Damn, talk about switches roles

We usta talk about our dreams and our biggest goals , we usta always use the weed as a mistletoe . Now I’m chiefin solo dolo - more than I ever smoked

I wrote this down, so that you could read every line.
I’ll see u later Miss Williams. NEXT LIFETIME

In actuality . it’s not you it’s my addictive personality

My next girl’ll never cry or get mad at me
My next girl’ll be fresh out the pageantry
Real fly bitch, gotta be a fashion queen
slash hustler, we the new money team
slash brickhouse, rest in peace Rick James
slash Winehouse, come on over Valerieeeee

she’ll combine her insults wit Mysticism
every artist should embrace creative criticism
but keep all that hatin shit to a minimum
only thing to do now is pray 2 Holy Trin’ & em

Her promise ring turned into a broken promise ring .
i hope she never go broke & go & pawn the thing . I’ll bounce back cus thats never been a problem 4 me, I tried to show her how to start her own company .
She rather hear what her muthafuckin mama think

I think we done 4 good, this time probably . the fuckin oracle lied on the prophecy. Trinity , its me Trinity, I’m still The One. NEOnly one meant to be.
Tatted my name on her, tatted her name on me…
Now it’s all just a memory

Look, that bad boy shit get old quick .
Good guys find something to grow old wit .
My kind always end up in a lonely ditch, buried next to all the girl’s hearts that was stolen .
…and broken . A tragic story . Playin in my head on repeat AND fast forward . drivin residential 3hunna on the dashboard . Drunk as fuck Lord just give me what Im askin 4 . I ain’t ask to be alive i thought “the choice was ours” I’m talkin crazy but bet I could take it a lil farther

What’s wrong w/me? I’m relating to the atheist . To get her back I sell my soul I’m a satanist . u mean I gotta burn up for this pretty bitch ? I guess she do owe me one burn from that Vegas trip …

Trinity , its me Trinity, I’m still The One. NEOnly one meant to be. Trinity , its me Trinity, All this time I thought you was the blind one it was really me. Trinity , its me Trinity, can’t see out your Matrix now i need the Holy Trinity .

—Armand Theus-Box. June . 2013 (some how this is the only one of my poems i can think of my brother liking . i mean we’re twins so eventually we’ll be able to lay off all this beef in a lucrative way but why would you only like a break-up poem that i wrote in the worst time period in my life?)  

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Uploading …. #10000LAPTOPS #NEWMUSIC —-> <—- go hear it now ( Dushino + @Kn1ghtmare #TheusClan ) (at DMBGS FACTORY)